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The Institute of Pest Management, Inc and the author of THE BEST CONTROL II have tested and found Safe Solutions Lice R Gone® to be the safest, fastest and most economical lice and nit removal solution on the market, priced at just over a dollar per treatment, you simply can't afford to use anything else! 

One 8 oz. bottle is enough to treat an entire family's infestation. Lice R Gone® is registered as a Medical Device by the FDA and is protected by two patents in the USA, Canada and Australia. It works so well that it has a money-back guarantee.
Lice R Gone® is safe and contains no volatile pesticide POISONS.
Lice R Gone® is a FDA registered Medical Device.
Lice R Gone® has passed dermal and occular sensitivity lab tests.
Lice R Gone® is fast and removes lice and nits in about 10 minutes*.
Lice R Gone® is economical with individual treatments costing a little over a dollar.
Lice R Gone® is Guaranteed - MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!
See the various cost and toxicity comparisons at: http://www.licergone.com/comparison.htm
See product descriptions at: http://www.licergone.com/index.htm
See where to purchase at: http://www.licergone.com/purchase.htm
See the video and watch how Lice R Gone® works: http://www.licergone.com/Safe_Solutions_Lice-R-Gone.mpg
Note: (please allow considerable download time - .mpg file is big!)
*If you have previously used a pediculicide shampoo, the nits may take 30 minutes to be safely removed with Lice R Gone® and a comb.

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